About Us

About us

- Infertility Treatment Is a Calling, a Passion -

Gawri Nursing HomeDr Palak Gawri is an Obstretician and Gynecologist specializing in the field of infertility. She has been practicing since last 20 years .She has treated many infertile couple and has made them realize their dream of parenthood.

At Gawri we are committed to help you achieve your dream of becoming parents. It is astounding fact that up to one in six couples find that at some time during their life they need assistance to become pregnant. It is not necessary for couples to undergo ART treatment immediately. They need to get themselves evaluated and understand their fertile period and various other aspects of ART.

Let us here from the doctor herself……… Fair and ethical practice is what we adhere to. Patient first has always been our motto. Imparting a fair treatment and maintaining good standard of practice is a way of life. All these years the patients have bestowed their trust on us and we have so far honoured their trust. Fairness is the foundation on which all happy and sustained relations are build.

We at GNH adhere to certain ethics and principles . Integrity is the life blood of our existence. We can excuse incompetence but not lack on integrity. Educating the patients and giving them all the information they need actually makes our job easier. Last but not the least we forcus on excellence in execution . without execution we cannot build trust and confidence of our patients. The success rate and low cost of treatment are key factors motivating our patients.

We are thankful to all our patients who have put faith on us.

Why Gawri IVF

Our Center has been a clinic of choice for those who are looking for infertility treatment. We have a well equipped lab with a very skillfull and a dedicated team.

We respect our patients rights & diginity. Throughout the process of treatment we make sure the integrity is maintained . The trust bestowed makes us strive harder. IVF treatment is a time money & emotionally consuming venture. Patients are very sensitive to the success rate & cost charged. amount charged here is much lower & success rate is a good as any other center.